To Blog or Not to Blog


Always wondered why I was blogging and better yet why were there so many bloggers. Then I wondered with so many bloggers out there, what was I going to contribute to the world with my blog. Then I met these guys on the Breakfast Television show.


This is Scott C Bourgeois on the left and Adam Rozenhart on the right from the The Unknown Studio blog. These guys are great and encouraged me to get blogging again. They said that sharing our stories was a good thing and that it seemed the more the merrier.

On Breakfast Television today we also had our friends from Native Delights @NativeDelights which served us up some excellent sandwiches in bannock buns. Yummy!!


We also had a young 11 year old blogger on Hanna Alper on the show. She quotes “I blog about things that I love including the environment, social action, people and things that inspire me”. A good read and perspective to consider. She is at

As well I have to mention it is my daughters birthday. Here is a picture of us celebrating the 2014 Indoor Provincial Tier 4 Championship


Happy Birthday sweetie hope you have a great day.

Finally as I ponder the whole question of blogs and the internet, I do have one bit of what I think is wisdom. Don’t believe everything you read please. Read it all but be careful about believing it all. There is a lot of nonsense being published out there.

Anyway that is just how is see it through my eyes.



p.s. Thanks to the boys from The Unknown Studio for the shout out.


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